Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What Are You Gonna Do With a God Like This?

All of you know what God is doing in our lives right now. What some of you may not know is HOW HE is doing it all. I cannot tell you all the things that have transpired in the last 2 weeks but I do want to share how faithful and gracious and good our heavenly Father is. Knowing and feeling the hand of Abba on our situation is an unexplainable experience. Here are some fun details about what God has done:
1. He spoke very plainly when He asked us to move to Lubbock ( in other words I did not have to see "GO TO LUBBOCK" spelled out in lightning bolts in the sky!
2. He prepared the hearts of our family and our friends to receive the news and even speaking to them about it personally.
3. He sold our house in 3 days ( with our asking price and actually we were offered over our asking price) and the blessings of smooth transactions is still in progress. Thank you JESUS!
4. He has poured out double portions of His grace on Lily and I as Jason is living in Lubbock and coming home one day a week.
5. He has given me the 2 greatest sets of parents. Bill and Nancy and my parents, Rex and Barbara, have babysit Lily, vacuumed my house, dusted furniture, cleaned bathtubs, and touched up paint, AND hooked the computer back up after the new carpet was laid! Thank you, Lord for blessing me with your beloveds who have laid down their lives for me and my family!
6. He has given Jason a great staff in Lubbock who are excited to get the store on track.
7. He has spoken to me that He has prepared a place for us and we are prayerfully looking at houses.

God is so good, not because we are deserving , because we are loved! So, here we go off to Lubbock forging ahead in HIS kingdom to do HIS work. We are so loved by Him and thank Him for leading us as we obey by His grace. Not by might, not by power, but by MY SPIRT says the LORD!