Saturday, April 12, 2008

7 Weird Things About Me...

Well, I was tagged by my friend, Karli, to do this and most of you know I usually don't participate in this sort of thing. I can't think of "weird things" about myself because I assume I am pretty normal and boring. Most people especially my husband would probably disagree...but, to me I think, "doesn't everybody do that?"

1. I cannot drink water at home out of a glass. It has to be a plastic cup! Don't know why but it tastes different. We only have 4 plastic "glasses" that are adult size so you will find me drinking out of Lily's cups most of the time. Because they're so small I make a lot of trips to the fridge.

2. This goes right along with #1 but I use several different cups a day. If a couple of hours has gone by I don't reuse the same cup. I HAVE to get a new one. Example: The glass I drink out of at dinner I cannot use the rest of the night, same goes for lunch it has to be a different cup for the afternoon...I guess this might be weird?

3. I cannot wait for the washing machine to finish. I stand in my laundry room and dance with anticipation for it to stop so I can put the clothes in the dryer. Confession: Sometimes I manually turn the dial just before it is almost done so I can get them out. I might have a fear that my clothes are drowning and cannot breathe!

4. I go days without checking the mail. I love to let it collect so there is a huge pile for me when I finally do check it. It is like Christmas. I even like to open the bills because they are always less than what I budgeted. Don't worry the bills are paid on time (I don't wait THAT long). This does drive Jason crazy. I usually have to stop myself from going to the mail box if it has only been a couple of days. That just isn't enough time!

5. I love to sit in a HOT car. A friend of mine that I used to work with loved this too. We would go on our lunch break together and after eating we would just sit in the car, windows rolled up, and absorb the heat. I am always cold so it always felt good. But I still do it and sometimes I fall asleep. Jason knows if we get home and he takes Lily in to lay her down and I am no where to be found...I am taking a nap in the hot car!

6. I hate the process of "getting ready", hair done, make-up on, etc. I even plan my week around the days I am going to have to do the whole process. I brush my teeth and get dressed everyday (well, almost everyday:) But I pre-decide which days I actually do the entire process. I will save particular errands for those days. Yes they do fall on particular days like Monday is a whole make-up, hair, dressed up day. I really don't think that is weird?!

7. I love the smell of asphalt. I wish I could bottle it. If I see a new parking lot being laid I get so excited and will roll down the window and breathe it in. I love hot asphalt in the summer. It reminds me of summer family vacations at Six Fl ags when I was young.

Well, that's it....don't think those are weird but I will leave it up to you all to judge.....