Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Treasured Days.....

Well, the weekend we have been looking forward to has come and gone. Amy's birthday was Friday and we all had fun-filled days with our families. Friday afternoon we snacked on cheese and crackers and sandwiches trying to prepare our tummies for burgers, fries, and cherry pies later that night. The Harris family went to eat with us to celebrate Amy and then back to our house to hang out and let all the kids play. Saturday morning I kept the kids while Ben took the birthday girl to breakfast and then later, Amy and I went to lunch. We discovered a great little treasure by way of an Amarillo friend, called Manna! Actually, it's Manna Bread and Wine. We had a fabulous time laughing, talking, and enjoying Heavenly food. I treasure my time with my beloved best friend and that was an experience for the books! Saturday night was Amy's actual birthday dinner as Ben (super-husband) had ordered lobster from Maine! An actual live lobster that had arrived on my doorstep the day before. Ben had taken care of that lobster doing his best to keep him alive right until it was time to eat and we all said goodbye! It was quite an experience. The title of this blog sums up this weekend and my favorite part of the entire 3 days? Sunday morning breakfast with my "family" in our pajamas just living life together (documented with the pics).
The Martinez family is beyond blessed to have the Thoennes family be such a huge part of our lives. So, to my friend who is closer than a sister....I love you and know that you are known and treasured from Lubbock, Tx!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Finally, A Real Blog Post!

OK! As you well know life has been turned upside down for us so in lieu of that blogging has taken a back seat. Well, life has somewhat returned to a glimpse of what it used to be.....I finally found my camera, charged the batteries, downloaded the pics, and am so excited to show you some of our new house! So enjoy.......and I will blog more in a couple of days. Some of these pics are of the whole process from moving out of our house in Amarillo and then our new one in Lubbock. I wanted you all to feel included in our crazy chaos! Love to all..........

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Well, it has been a while since my last post due to my computer being in storage and my living situation. The back and forth from Amarillo to Lubbock has ended as we have finally moved into our house and life may soon contain some consistency! We are working on unpacking and realizing it may take weeks or months for our new place to feel like home but we are enjoying it nonetheless. Our new house is a dream come true and am continually taken aback at the lavishness of God. This morning was mine and Lily's first to wake up with no one else in the house even Jay as he left for work super early. I still find myself asking, "do I really live here?". Feels a bit like we are house sitting for a family who will soon return from their vacation. Well, there you have it for now. Please pray for our family as we continue to adjust to our new life! I will send pics of the house when I find my camera ( somewhere in one of these boxes :).......Love to all!