Tuesday, July 10, 2007


July 4th is a BIG holiday for us. It is our Christmas in July! I cannot tell you how it became such a big deal maybe growing up in Canyon where it is an all day event. There's the pancake breakfast in the morning followed by a parade and of course the fair on the square complete with corn dogs and funnelcakes. Tradition follows us every year as we celebrate with our other family, the Hairs (Amy's parents). We have a cookout at their home in Canyon and then journey to Conner Park to enjoy fireworks. Every time is a thrill as it seems to be coming sooner and sooner each year. I love stirring the anticipation in Lily as it approaches, telling her about the fireworks, parade, and homemade ice cream! This year was no exception to all the fun, I just cannot believe it has come and gone......

Friday, July 6, 2007

Summer Fun

We haven't been to the pool much this year but we did cram in several pool days in the week my sister's in-laws were out of town. They have a huge yard with trampoline and pool and lots of running room. Lily's cousin, Loni, taught her to hold her breath and go under water. To my suprise, she did it and kept doing it! She also loved going down the slide and got such a thrill that it led to my going home and "seriously" talking to Jason that we must have a pool!