Friday, June 29, 2007

One of Those Days........

You know the days when everything seems to go just right? It is a beautiful day, the house is clean, you feel organized and prepared whatever might come your way. Jason has been out of town and doesn't return until tomorrow night and somehow we have made it thru the week minus any major catastrophe. God has been teaching me about His grace and I must say that when I learn to be obedient and heed His words, I find LIFE! Days like this seem to be few and far between but is it possible that I am now learning to truly flow with Him? Not that every day I will wake up to a clean and organized house and a two year old who is so pleasant to be with all day but that in the midst of those others days and today I may be full of His peace and presence. To joyfully cooperate with the Holy Spirit? This week (by anyone standards) may have been a difficult one, playing mommmy and daddy roles. But, this is my testimony......that His grace is more than enough and His peace despite what is going on around you truly does carry you through. God is relentless with His goodness towards me, this is what I have found to be true.........

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Biting Off More Than I Can Chew!

Well, I have done it again. Thinking I can do it all and then in the midst crying out to God, "why did I start this?" I am mainly speaking about home improvement projects, all of the sudden thinking our home needs some serious changes. Then, in the midst of all the chaos realizing (by way of the Holy Spirit) maybe I'm the one that needs the changes and I am just taking it out on my house! Could this be the truth? I am in the cycle of needing to accomplish. Am I alone out here? Feeling like the Lord has shown and given me so much, I'm feeling stuck. Like He has spoken really wonderful things and I got so excited when we were on the lauching pad but now that we are in "orbit" going around in circles, I'm thinking, "let's go back where everything is fresh and exciting!

This is where submitting comes in handy, to let Him complete the work in me that He has begun......oh, the edurance........GRACE, GRACE, and more GRACE. Thank Him for His wonderful and sufficient grace. Flowing in His grace and not against it. Did someone just turn on the light? To let myself go and flow in the current of His spirit. All is accomplished (even home improvements) by the Spirit of the Lord. Anyway, He is the ultimate designer/decorator.......have you taken a look at the earth lately?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Refreshing Rain

Well, let me start off by saying that the Lord is so faithful and knows what I need before I do. I have not been spending time in His presence lately. Just busy, preoccupied, and most of all lazy. I just didn't feel like putting the time in. I felt I didn't not have time to sit and be still and receive. Being impatient, my cry to God was "I don't have time to dwell can You just give me a quick shot." But then today came and my dear friend and I were on the phone gabbing away as usual and she said "let's go spend time with the Lord instead of talking about it." GREAT IDEA(inspired by HIM of course). So I grabbed my Bible and retreated to my patio before naptime was over. Immediately it began to sprinkle and then came a soft rain. REFRESHMENT! The Lord set the whole thing up. I think HE was waiting with anticipation all day for that very moment. He began to talk about how He loves to LAVISH on me. He has been waiting to refresh me and breathe Life into me and He needed me to settle down, be still and receive. He is not obsessed with the last few days and weeks. He is obsessed with LIFE - and HIS PRESENCE brings life! HE is the LIVING WATER. Come and drink! Take HIM in! He desires to breathe life into your spirit. HE is BEAUTIFUL...............

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Way to Spend Sunday Afternoon

After church, we made our way to Jeff and Saundra's Lake Tanglewood retreat to have lunch and lots of fun. Sy & Lily enjoyed the watermelon as you can see and then we headed down to the water for some fishing and lots of laughs. The kids loved touching the fish and Lily tried to kiss a few of them. She really has no inhibitions........much like her Daddy. I am still wondering what traits of mine she has! There was lots of adventure that day including Lily's shoes getting lost in the lake. Have no fear, Daddy to the rescue. I had a blast watching Jason(waist deep in the water) trying to feel around for those shoes. Almost ready to give up(after 20 minutes) he finds them right under the ladder he used to climb down into the water. Oh the relief that I wouldn't have to go trekking thru the mall for replacement sandals!! Now that's the way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Lake Days!

Well, Jason got me to do it.........Go camping! I am not much of a wilderness girl (my idea of "roughing it" being the Holiday Inn. Nevertheless, here we are at the lake. Some of these pics are Jason's birthday when the Thoennes family was with us. That day on our way out we stopped to use the restrooms and discovered our flat tire. Thank the Lord that Ben was with us and helped J change that tire! We arrived home safe to hot showers and good nights rest. The other pics are of Memorial weekend when we ventured out to sleep in a tent and commune with all sorts of insects. We did have a lot of fun watching Lily play in the dirt and the lake without the consequences of a bath at night. Jason did all the cooking (he is quite the chef) and me?....well, I laid around on the lawn chair enjoying watching my daughter get filthy right after every time I cleaned her up.

My 1st Blog!

I got this idea from my best friend and decided to try it out. I really have no idea what I am doing so bare with me as I try and figure it out! We have had a crazy last few months as we have entered the "terrible twos" as I have heard others say. Lily just turned 2 and a half and we are really experiencing her personality. She has the fire for life to match her fiery red hair. She is so busy and always looking to the next thing even before she finishes the present thing(a trait she definitely got from her Daddy). She is praying every night, asking Jesus to help her to pee-pee in the potty and not her panties. Potty training went really well but we still have the occasional accident(like today at the mall in the middle of center court). Not a little drip but a full on puddle right out in the middle of the mall on a Saturday afternoon!

Life continues almost as if it was the next episode of some sit-com.......please stay tuned.