Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our Own Kick-off to Summer

There was really no weekend as Jay worked on Saturday and then on Monday but we did take full advantage of Sunday! Jay and Lily tried to find a pool in our area to go to as I stayed home and took a nap. But as Lubbock wind would have it venturing to a pool did not work out. So we made our trek to the store to load up on water guns, slip-n-slide, bubbles, a giraffe pool, etc. I, of course, was the photographer as there is no slip and sliding for an 8 month pregnant momma! I loved watching Lily beg "more daddy this is so much fun can you do it again?" How could you resist! So here's some pics of our Sunday afternoon backyard water extravaganza!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Room Ready for Elan's Arrival

Here's some pics of the finished nursery for those of you who are far away. 6 more weeks to go.....cannot wait for Elan to arrive!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Just Some Fun Pics of Mi Vida Loca!

Not much going on around here. Just trying to finish up preparing for Elan's arrival the first of July! We just got back from Amarillo helping the Thoennes family move into their new house! It was a whirlwind and I wish time would slow down when we are with them. They have a great house with a lot of space for the kids to run and play and boy did they! Lily and Sy did not take naps and were up until midnight still playing and not wanting to leave each other. It breaks my heart to separate them because they truly love being together and seem to have their very own special relationship and language! I do not have pics of the weekend (what's wrong with me :(
These pics are from Lily's date with her daddy at the arena football game and there's one of Lily's new creative art.....putting stickers on herself and us while we watched a movie.